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Barbour Publishing, Inc.

Power Prayers for Men

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Power Prayers for Men is a vital tool and straightforward book on prayer, written from a man's point of view. Collected here are dozens of short but powerful prayers that will help you face everyday issues with confidence. These prayers serve as a launchpad to a thoughtful, more dynamic prayer life. They will inspire and motivate you to seek God's power when you face difficult decisions.

Unleash the Power in Your Prayers! This practical and encouraging book offers solid biblical reasons to pray and specific prayer starters in 21 key areas of your life.  Perfect for Men is perfect for men of all ages.

Topics such as

  • My Home
  • My Responsibilities
  • My Marriage
  • My Finances
  • My Job
  • My Future

All of these topics are addressed through scripture and the life experiences of men both historic and contemporary.

Concise and quick to read, yet packed with spiritual punch, Power Prayers just for Men!

Dimensions: 6.00 X 4.25 (inches)