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Crated with Love

Pizza-Themed Date Night for Couples

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I Love You "Moore" Than Pizza - One Large Date Night with Extra Sauce!

Long before the Chuck E.'s, Huts and Caesars, pizza was putting smiles on the faces of ancient Mediterranean peoples. Egyptians, Romans and Greeks alike all thought they were so clever to have created a dish with "edible plates."

In this date night, you and your partner will "create" your very own relationship pizza as you laugh and learn more about each other with endless pizza metaphors!

  • Relationship Focus: Savoring Whether you're a New-York-style-slice-folder or a Chicago's-best-deep-dish-devourer, pizza is a simple, universally loved and thoroughly savored treat.
  • This month's date night box is all about treating your relationship like pizza.
  • Take a moment, savor it and appreciate everything it does to keep you two grounded.
  • From the foundation (crust) to the things that make you both different (toppings), let's spend this evening savoring all things you two.
8" l x 8" w x 1.8" h

1.25 lb