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How Communicating Saved Our Marriage | 2nd Edition

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Discover the secrets to better communication as a couple! Do you want to strengthen your bond? Do you want to improve your relationship communication skills? If that's the case, this is the book for you! 

This book is all about how important it is for couples to communicate in relationships. It discusses why it's hard for couples to communicate and offers proven tools and tips to get the lines of communication back open for good!

Antonio and Laura wrote this book about how hard they worked to save their marriage. They talk about the problems they ran into and how determined they were to learn some simple communication skills. It tells the story of how they learned to communicate with each other over the course of their 28-year marriage.

Communication is something we all want in relationships. When things in life get hard and you start to wonder if you made the right choice, it's time to communicate! To improve your relationship's communication, you need to learn how to listen, not how to talk.

The challenge is to be able to look at the years behind you and smile at the lessons they taught you” ~Antonio & Laura Moore