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Dash Strawberry Fields Home & Car Spray

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DASH Strawberry Fields Home & Car Sprays is a Premium Air Freshener Oil you will love!  Springtime is always in the air with this scent of sweet, juicy strawberries - designed to mask or remove unpleasant room odors with just a DASH! 

Strawberry Fields packs a powerful scent with just one spray!  This high-quality, strong and long-lasting. Spray a DASH indoors, in your car, home or office.

Dash Strawberry Fields Home & Car Spray

  • Designed to mask and remove unpleasant odors and refresh the air.
  • Mild Aroma
  • No empowering odors
  • Good fragrance which is long lasting in the air
  • Nice relaxing and healing properties with no added chemicals
  • Kills Chronic Odors!
  • NO added chemicals
  • NO added colors!
  • Available in 11 other fragrances

Knock out any unwanted scents in a room or car with just a DASH!