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Dash Pineapple Splash Home & Car Spray

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Dash Pineapple Splash Home & Car Spray - imagine a Caribbean beach with a tropical wind, a properly made cocktail, and cool water splashing against your toes.  With a single DASH of our pineapple Splash Home & Car Spray premium oil freshener, you can now enjoy the perfect getaway.

Dash Pineapple Splash Home & Car Spray is a memorable oil-based air freshener blended delectable pineapple with a bright combination of mandarins and grapefruit. Keep the interior of your area smelling great, masking stinky odors, such as those that come from food spills, pets, and smoke. Use our long-lasting Pineapple Splash scent for your guests or to refresh any area large or small. 

Because we care about what you breathe in, our product contains no alcohol, additional chemicals, or artificial colors. Most competitors' fresheners contain DEP (diethyl phthalate), which we don't. Dash is an oil-based spray that lasts longer than water or alcohol-based sprays.

DASH Home & Car Sprays are designed to mask or remove unpleasant room odors with just a DASH!  DASH packs a powerful scent with just one spray!  DASH Home & Car Spray is a Premium Air Freshener Oil you will love!  

Dash Home & Car Spray

  • Designed to mask and remove unpleasant odors and refresh the air.
  • Mild Aroma
  • No empowering odors
  • Good fragrance which is long lasting in the air
  • Nice relaxing and healing properties with no added chemicals
  • Kills Chronic Odors!
  • NO added chemicals
  • NO added colors!
  • Available in 12 other fragrances

Inspired By Us Shop is proud to introduce you to DASH Home & Car Sprays. Pick a fragrance that matches the mood of your home, choose a signature scent to evoke a memory, or select a fragrance that matches your personality.

Our fragrances have a big impact with just one DASH, and the places you spend your life also deserve their own scent too.  DASH Home & Car Spray scents that take you places.