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Dash Passion Splash Home & Car Spray

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With a Dash of Passion Splash Home & Car spray, you can give your home an aromatherapy treatment.  Provide a blast of fresh aroma in any room of your home or workplace, removing smells in the air and keeping the aroma fresh for longer.  With only one Dash, keep your rooms fresh and eliminate old odors!

Dash Passion Splash Home & Car Spray has tropical tones of passion fruit and coconut that excite your senses in this bright and colorful fragrance. Vanilla and white woods provide a pleasant and delicious aroma that lingers and is energizing.

  • Designed to mask and remove unpleasant odors and refresh the air.
  • Mild Aroma
  • No empowering odors
  • Good fragrance which is long lasting in the air
  • Nice relaxing and healing properties with no added chemicals
  • Kills Chronic Odors!
  • NO added chemicals
  • NO added colors!
  • Available in 12 other fragrances

DASH Home & Car Sprays are now available at Inspired By Us Shop. Choose a fragrance that complements the atmosphere of your home, a trademark aroma that evokes a memory, or a fragrance that reflects your personality.  With just one DASH, our scents have a huge impression, and the locations you spend your time deserve their own scent as well. DASH Home and Car Spray smells that transport you.

Because we care about what you breathe in, our product contains no alcohol, additional chemicals, or artificial colors. Most competitors' fresheners contain DEP (diethyl phthalate), which we don't. Dash is an oil-based spray that lasts longer than water or alcohol-based sprays.

* Not for use on the skin; designed exclusively for ambience usage.