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Creative Conceptions LLC

Couples Dice Game

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When you're in the mood for something sexy and risky, and you're up for the challenge of leaving erotic late-night activities up to chance, you can use the Naughty Nights XXXtra Erotic Dare Dice to come up with some really great ideas! There are three dice in the package: one red, one black, and one orange.

Take turns rolling all three dice together to play. When the dust settles, they will have an action (the orange die), a body part (the red die), and a sexy adverb (black die). X-rated foreplay right away! You can take away any dice you want to have more control, but what's the fun in that?

  • This couples dice game is for date night, rainy nights or just want to have some fun for the two of you.  Do This…To My…And Do It… A dice game that spices up any night with your partner. 
  • Truth or Dare - Just roll the dice and see what they will be doing, to which part of you, and how. Just for FUN - take them on vacation or your next anniversary!  Guaranteed to have a memorable time for years.