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Built Marriage Tough Kit

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To all the couples out there who would like to strengthen their relationship without having to go through therapy, we developed the Built Marriage Tough Kit for you.

 You and your partner can strengthen your relationship with the help of our workbooks and activities included in your DIY Built Marriage Tough Kit.

Use these tools to take your relationship to a new level.

The kit's fifteen components have a combined retail value of over $250, and it was put together by Coach Tony and Coach Moore of Marriage Means Moore Inc.

Easy Steps to Take to Strengthen Your Bond

Commit only 15 minutes a day to strengthening your marriage; zero in on fixing one problem at a time using the Built Marriage Tough method; and boost your ability to communicate with your spouse. 

  • Get things done without disturbing anyone else at home.
  • Create a plan for your relationships, monitor your development, and get rewarded
  • It's important for you to put in the effort to establish trust with one another.
  • Kit includes journals, pens, stress balls, workbook, communication timer, listening stick, rose petals, couples scavenger hunt, date night ideas